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Neuron, a smart life operating system

With Neuron, Trust Anchor Group provides an open source platform of services enabling people, companies and organisations around the world to produce smart services that improves our way of life. 


TAG Center



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TAG Center provides trust in the ecosystem and manages administration, store, marketplace and remote updates. A full SDK is available for application development.

TAG Neuron is the world’s first smart router for IoT based on the globally scalable IEEE P1451.99 IoT Harmonization interfaces. TAG Neuron is a cross domain interoperable IoT router.

Interedge is a smart gateway (bridge for n2n for IoT) based on IEEE P1451.99 IoT Harmonization standard. 

Smart infrastructure at the edge. 


Neuron is an entire ecosystem for the smart society and Industry 4.0 

Interoperable with real-time communication - Ownership of information by design - Open and Secure network - Based on the IEEE P1451.99 Harmonization standard - Digital legally binding smart contracts - Security by design and by default - Autonomous decision-making for smart things - Monetary transactions - Micro and Nano transactions - Marketplace for value added services


Neuron and the components within the TAG platform is built with up to 256 bit encryption security by design. No need for additional policies, proprietary APIs or VPN solutions as added layers of security. All components, connectivity and data is protected and secured.

  • Spoofing protection

  • Clustering (TAG Neuron, Load balance, resilience)

  • Federation (XMPP, risk distribution, resilience)

  • Topology agnostic (XMPP, devices do not need to share network; can reside behind different firewalls)

  • Ubiquitous Encryption Policy (XMPP, between nodes)

  • Consent-based Authorization by design (XMPP, Presence subscriptions)

  • End-to-End Encryption (IEEE P1451.99, EdDSA, ECDSA, ECDHE, RSA, AES, ChaCha20, Poly1305)

  • Definition of ownership (IEEE P1451.99)

  • Entitled discovery (IEEE P1451.99)

  • Provisioning/Orchestration (IEEE P1451.99, field/parameter-level authorization, by owner’s consent)

  • Legal Identities (IEEE P1451.99, Cryptographic Signatures, EdDSA, ECDSA, RSA)

  • Smart Contracts (IEEE P1451.99, Machine-readable, human readable, legally binding)

  • Notarius Electronicus (IEEE P1451.99, Legal validation of contracts)

  • Automatic Provisioning with Smart Contracts (IEEE P1451.99)


Connectivity protocols supported today

MBus, OneM2M, LWM2M, Bluetooth, OPC, UPnP, ZWave, Zigbee, MQTT, LoRa, http/web, BACKNet, LonTalk, IEC 61107, OCPP, KNX, ModBus, ProfiBus

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