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TAG Pay, smart and efficient transactions online and offline 

TAG Pay is our business area for smart payments services in the modern society. We empower customers to transact smart micro-payments within the infrastructure of IoT and mobile networks and our services connects to existing traditional payment infrastructure and makes integration of smart payment services seamless and efficient. 

IoT Transact

Smart Societies require new types of economic transactions not supported by todays traditional financial services.


Requirements include managing micro-and nano-transactions, both online and offline. It must also be possible to create conditional payments with smart contracts to automate payment services to a greater extent.


TAG Pay provides integrated support for these new type of payments directly in the infrastructure. This solution also connects to traditional payment services to make integration of smart payment services seamless for users and operators.

TAG Pay managing micro and nano transactions for the modern society 

Enjoy the easy and efficient TAG Pay solution in your online checkout, via mobile or as a smart service in your connected infrastructure. TAG Pay supports traditional payments as well as modern smart payment services both online and offline. Payments within the TAG ecosystem are smart, fast and cost efficient.


One simple integration takes care of your checkout needs and serves your customers in the best possible way


Your money is secure in our encrypted eWallet with tokenization and easy access to analytics and payment methods

Mobile Cashier

Set up a mobile point of sales and cashier function in minutes to support your brand store, pop-up store or event location





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