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Optimizing connectivity and smart payments

Open, secure and standards based

Smart society Infrastructure


Trust Anchor Group provides a foundation for the smart society by connecting existing infrastructure within multiple domains to the latest technology and standards for internet of things and smart payments. 

Early growth and ahead
of competition

Trust Anchor Group has launched the world’s first platform based on the new IEEE P1451.99 IoT harmonization standardization efforts. We make it possible to connect your business to smart devices and sensors in a secure, scalable, and seamless way across a spectrum of industries. 


Founded 2018 in Sweden with the goal set on changing and improving the world, bringing smart services to your home, your business and your life. 


Our customers value our open, secure, and scalable platform as well as our ability to deliver an opportunity for application and product developers to develop smart services for the TAG Store, an interface to the smart society. We operate two business areas; TAG CONNECT and TAG PAY that both empower our customers and works as catalysts for the smart society of the future.

Our technology is based on the IEEE P1451.99 IoT Harmonization which solves pain points of existing infrastructure related to interoperability, security and scalability. We have world leading expertize in our teams, a solid foundation for growth and we are delivering smart services for the future, today!

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