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The start of a clean world

Transparent recycling traceability


Incentivizing Sustainability with RECY Tokens

Explore a world where recycling becomes a rewarding endeavor through the collaboration between DeTrash and Trust Anchor Group. DeTrash, a Brazilian climate tech startup, joins forces with us to strengthen the Recy Network—a global initiative incentivizing recycling and composting with RECY tokens. These digital assets, created based on the weight of recyclable waste delivered or substituted with biodegradable alternatives, redefine recycling incentives. Through Trust Anchor Group's technology, we enhance the security of the process, integrating robust KYC infrastructure for data privacy. Join the movement for sustainable living, where recycling isn't just a choice; it's a rewarding experience.

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Transparent Recycling Traceability

Trust Anchor Group brings a technological revolution to recycling traceability. By leveraging distributed ledger technology, our collaboration with DeTrash ensures enhanced transparency in the entire recycling process. Every step, from waste delivery to token creation, becomes a verifiable and traceable journey. The blockchain-powered transparency not only safeguards the integrity of the recycling ecosystem but also instills trust in participants. Embrace a future where every recycled item contributes to a cleaner planet, and every RECY token signifies a positive change.

Global Reach, Sustainable Rewards: Growing the Recy Network

The impact of our collaboration with DeTrash extends beyond borders. Together, we are propelling the Recy Network to a global scale, fostering mass recycling adoption with fair and transparent rewards. Join the Recy Network today and be part of a movement that goes beyond recycling—it's about creating a sustainable future. Trust Anchor Group and DeTrash are proud to spearhead this initiative, proving that digital assets can be a catalyst for positive environmental change. Together, let's empower recyclers and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

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