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Elevating Chilean Aquaculture

Democratizing investments, and increasing engagment


Digitalizing Seafood Production for Inclusive Investment Opportunities

Trust Anchor Group is proud to collaborate with a pioneering force in the aquaculture industry, bringing digital innovation to salmon cultivation in Chile. Our enterprise-grade digital asset platform empowers the democratization of investment in aquaculture, transforming the landscape of seafood production. Dive into the future of sustainable fisheries with us, where monitoring and investing in verifiable digitalized salmon cultivation processes become accessible to all.

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Smart Contracts and IoT: Democratizing Aquaculture Investment

In our partnership with the salmon cultivation project in Chile, Trust Anchor Group introduces a paradigm shift through the integration of smart contracts and Internet of Things (IoT). This dynamic duo not only ensures secure ownership certificates but also facilitates detailed follow-up on the salmon cultivation process. Through our technology, investors—both large and small—can engage in the aquaculture industry seamlessly. The utilization of smart contracts ensures transparency and trust, while IoT connectivity provides real-time insights into the performance of the salmon cultivation, fostering a sense of confidence among investors.

A Sustainable Seafood Future

Join us in the journey to democratize investment in aquaculture, where the Chilean salmon cultivation project is not just a business venture but a commitment to sustainability. Our technology enables easy shopping and secondary market trading of digitalized assets associated with salmon cultivation, opening doors for individuals and communities to actively participate in the seafood industry. Trust Anchor Group and our partners in Chile are making waves—creating a future where digital assets, powered by IoT and smart contracts, redefine how we invest in and sustainably manage our precious aquatic resources.

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