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Unveil the Abstract

Tokenize some of the works of world-renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.


Revolutionizing Art Ownership

This collaboration is about combining the innovative technology with works of art. The aim is to create an economic basis for the realization of these works", says Sharif Pakad, the director in charge of the Trust Anchor Group, TAG in Brazil.

Launched in Sweden in 2018, TAG combines smart payments, secure identities, and asset digitalization services to unlock a whole new economic paradigm where assets are co-used, re-used, and monetized.

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Creating a financial fund

The purpose of the tokenization is partly to create the NFT for Niemeyer's designs, but at the same time to create a financial fund to realize Niemeyer's architectural works.

Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer has been one of the most productive architects in the world. Today we would like to create economic opportunities to build them as architectural works, around the world", says João Batista de Moraes jr, Managing Director of ISON.

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