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Trust Anchor Group digital assets tokenizations

New ways of worldmaking

Enterprise Digital Asset Services

We help financial institutions and businesses monitor or invest in real-world assets by providing enterprise-ready technology for asset digitalization.

We combine smart payments, secure identities, and asset digitalization services to unlock a whole new economic paradigm where assets are co-used, re-used, and monetized.​

As a result, together with our partners and clients, we are making the world smarter and more sustainable.


Case 01

Revolutionizing carbon offsetting:


Creating a transparent and verifiable record of climate offsets

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Un Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We provide technology to support many of the sustainble impact goals that the UN has defined because the world cannot become smarter without sustainability, environmental awareness, peace and equality for all.

Access as a Service

Secure, self-sovreign identity systems for login, authentication, signing and ID wallet

Digital Assets as a Service

Create, Monitor, Buy and Sell secure, sustainable and scalable digital assets

Smart Payments as a Service

Online payments and Embedded payments  with Peer-to-Peer, off-line and programmatic features

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