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Why we do what we do

The world is upside down! Security, freedom and wealth is centralized and controlled by a few, and we need to work together to make the world a smarter place! Everyone should have control of their own identity, their own data and privacy, and they should be able to access financial services and economic empowerment in a sustainable, secure and accessible way.

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Democratizing investments

Labrador Sea Project

The tokenization of Chile's fish industry opens the door to a more equitable and accessible investment landscape, empowering individuals to invest in a project with the potential for significant impact and global reach.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We provide technology to support many of the sustainble impact goals that the UN has defined because the world cannot become smarter without sustainability, environmental awareness, peace and equality for all.

Neuro Services


Digital Assets as a Service

Create, Buy and Sell secure, sustainable and scalable digital assets on Neuro-Exchange 


Identity as a Service

Secure, self-sovreign identity systems for login, authentication, signing and ID wallet


Smart Payments as a Service

Online payments and Embedded payments  with Peer-to-Peer, off-line and programmatic features

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