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We make the world smarter by connecting existing infrastructure to cutting edge internet of things technology and modern payment solutions in a secure, scalable, and seamless way.



Trust Anchor Group - TAG offers the world's first Neuron built according to IEEE P1451.99 IoT Harmonization standard.


Connectivity across multiple domains is a key component to successful implementations in the smart society. Adding a fully federated and secure platform enables new business opportunities for Operators, Distributors, Service providers and businesses.  


Smart Societies require new types of economic transactions that are not supported by today's traditional financial services.

Requirements include conditional micro- and nano transactions, both online and offline.

Paiwise, a TAG service provide integrated support for these new types of payments directly into your existing infrastructure. Our digital asset representation and our connection to traditional payment services makes integration of smart payments services seamless and very efficient.


The TAG Community ("Worldmakers") and network of experts around the world provides an exceptional opportunity to interact and co-create future services.

Neuron and Paiwsie are both part of an open source framework that facilitates service integration and seamless interaction interfaces for all parties. We provide api:s and an SDK that can be leveraged for your business needs.

Welcome to co-create the future!

We set the standard for an open and secure digital society, optimizing connectivity and smart payments


New technology for
smarter societies

Existing infrastructure cannot cope with the requirements of a fast growing and constantly changing modern society. High volumes of micro-transactions demand rule-based payment schemes with uncompromising control of security, privacy, and scalability. The industry is suffering from the lack of a secure, distributed and open infrastructure that is needed to meet the demands of an IoT market that is expanding exponentially.

TAG’s combination of a decentralized transaction engine, a smart  IoT router and broker, and the digitalized payment system creates uniquely scalable, secure and interoperable platform for anything connected. Want to co-create the future? Contact us.


Trust Anchor Group has launched the world’s first platform based on the new IoT harmonization standard. We make it possible to connect your business to the smart world in a secure, scalable and seamless way across a spectrum of industries. 


Founded 2018 in Sweden with the goal set on changing and improving the world, bringing smart services to your home, your business and your life.

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